Back in June, we read that The Flaming Lips were planning to put together a Christmas album and thought ‘What a great idea!’ All the great recording artists used to make Christmas records – Elvis, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Otis Redding, The Ronettes, The Sonics… We felt it was high time today’s artists made their Christmas contribution. We were looking for a project to raise money for the Big Issue Charities, so we decided to produce our own Christmas album – a quality compilation, something that would sound good this and every Christmas. While the rest of the world grooved away to the sounds of the summer, we immersed ourselves in the sounds of Phil Spector’s Christmas album and Low’s Christmas EP for inspiration. We approached a number of artists, those who we knew would understand the spirit of the album, and gave them one of three choices: they could cover a Christmas standard, ‘jingle up’ one of their existing songs or donate an original song about Christmas. The support we got from all the people involved was amazing and we would like to thank them all for making this possible. We would also like to thank the artists who wanted to but couldn’t participate in the album for their words of encouragement.

We hope you enjoy listening to this album as much as we have over the past few months.

Have a cool, cool Christmas!

Everyone at Xfm