about jeepster

Jeepster was founded in 1995 by people looking to create an outlet for a style of music they felt was missing from the scene at the time. Our first signing, Belle & Sebastian, brought the label into the indie media and buyers’ consciousness almost immediately. Belle & Sebastian’s initial success provided the label with the opportunity to expand its roster, firstly with Snow Patrol in 1997, Salako early the following year and then Looper and The Gentle Waves. Via its association with these bands, there developed a ‘Jeepster sound’.

Critically acclaimed album releases followed from all four new signings and a few months after the 1998 release of Belle & Sebastian’s third album ‘The Boy With the Arab Strap’ they were nominated for a Brit Award. Against all odds they went on to beat Steps in the 1999 Brit Awards Best Newcomer category.

While maintaining our critical success, Jeepster has remained 100% independently owned and financed allowing total creative freedom to continue. As part of this pledge, in 2006 we signed the lively and enigmatic SixNationState. Whilst touring to support the release of their 2007 debut album they were identified as one of the most exciting live bands around.

Also in 2006, we re-released Snow Patrol’s two very excellent Jeepster albums with loads of extras including b-sides and a video. We then slipped back into our accidental habit of working with Glasgow based bands and added the bouncy and energetic Parka to our roster. Like SixNationState Parka recorded a debut album to be proud of and ‘Attack of the Hundred Yard Hardman’ hit stores in spring 2008.

In the summer of 2008 we released an album of highlights from Belle & Sebastian’s various BBC Sessions with, in addition, a limited edition twelve track live recording dating back to 2001. The album provides the band’s dedicated fans with a nostalgic reminder of how Belle & Sebastian’s live sound progressed.