SixNationState write songs with guts, with melody, with passion and heart but above all else, they write and they play like their future depends on it. 

An attack of vocal harmonies and tribal sea shanty shouts are punctured by soul stripping, sand-papered cries as the band pound out infectious rhythms and hooks. Their influences may be many and varied but at the belly of this commotion, SixNationState’s sound is 100% punk from conception to delivery.

Nothing holds this band back and individual concern is cancelled out by collective optimism everytime. It’s not so much a case of this is all they’ve ever wanted to do, this is all they have ever done. They live together, they play together, they will rise together and I suspect they will fall together.

‘And I feel I’m going down….yeah I keep on dancing!’

The blank look on SixNationState’s five faces when asked what else they would be doing if they weren’t in a band says it all. The eager shout in unison of ‘Can we give up our jobs now?’, as soon as they signed to Jeepster indicates less an optimistic innocence and more a committment to their first loves: writing songs and playing live.

As the energy oozes from their collective pores from one 200mph performance to the next, the band lunge proudly behind sweat soaked hair in their faded mariachi-esque dinner jackets which look almost made to measure. Albeit made to measure by a blind, one handed tailor who drinks Bloody Mary’s whilst cutting his cloth, but certainly suits fit for SixNationState and nobody else.

This is what SixNationState’s twisted brand of carnival rock’n’roll is all about; tunnel vision belief. This is life and there is no other way.