Festival ’95


There are some days that catch the light,

Days like diamonds.

I saw a girl amongst the pillars, as I was climbing up the stairs. But just when I saw her she hid behind one of the pillars, so I went to see if I could find her. But she kept walking around the pillar at the same speed as I was walking, so that she stayed invisible. Then eventually she stopped and I caught up with her- and that was how the day began.

There are some days that catch the light,

As if someone’s put a magic spell on them,

So that all of these kind of ordinary things

Seem like magic things.

We went to this pub that was very dark inside, me and this girl from amongst the pillars. And while she was telling me this story about someone’s belly-button, this looper-man came up and said to me, “Can I get in to use the phone there, unless of course you have a pigeon.”

And then we tried to get in to see a play which didn’t start until the next day, and after that we queued for a different one beside a sign which said it was sold out.

We ended up at a street market, looking at curious bottles, where a woman behind a hat-pin stall mistook us for a couple in love, me and the girl from amongst the pillars. And we saw a man walking along the pavement with the most incredible moustache in the whole world, and another man rode a penny farthing along the street.

Some days are good,

They’re like an adventure.

When it got dark some people were putting on a show outside, and we stood outside the fence thinking about climbing over it cause we couldn’t afford to pay to get in. But just before the show began the ticket collectors moved away from the gates, and we managed to sneak in for free.

It was a great show. There were skeletons and beggars on high stilts, and they set fire to a tower they’d built while loud bells rang and sad cellos played. And then, near the end, they tied candle-lanterns to balloons and let them go up into the air. And I watched the lanterns instead of the show til they disappeared, which took a long time.

And two of the candles were still burning when they went out of sight.

There are some days that catch the light,

Days like diamonds.