On The Flipside


I’ve got a secret I can’t keep,
I’ve been talking in my sleep,
Talking to myself in dreams.

But I don’t understand the code,
I’ve tried, but I don’t know
What any of the secret means.

I saw a witch in the corner,
It haunted me in the day,
There’s something darker than midnight
Underneath the A.

I’d like to sit down in the shade,
Maybe drink some lemonade,
Sit and just be quiet and breathe.

But I’m a vicious little boy,
My head makes too much noise
And something there won’t let me be.

I’d like to sing to the record
I heard the radio play,
But I’ve been stuck on the flipside
Underneath the A.

I’m on the flipside of the day,
This could be the place to play
But I’m stranded on the flipside here.

I’m on the flipside of the sun
Here’s the place for having fun
But I’m frozen by a nameless fear.

I found a hole in the vinyl,
I fell through it one day,
There’s something filled me with horror
Underneath the A.
Underneath the A.