The Glass


I saw your face on the magazine
I heard your thoughts on the tv screen
Mobile phones take over you
Theres no need for the second view
(you reach for the glass)
Through the video screens
(reach for the glass)
Cd players so obscene, I saw your face on the video screen glass.
Im seeing words to help the public understand whats going on
Saw your face on the magazine.
And when the time comes.
You’ll know whats wrong.
You’ll reach for the glass…
Through in videos eyes.
Making worlds collide with a single flick of your hand..
You’ll reach for the glass
Clean the Glass
Thats what the tabloid said.
Cos they all see you,
Thats what the tabloid says (WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH)
So you’re the next big thing?
Seeing words
Just to help the public,
To understand
Whats going on
In my head.
Whats going on?
Come on
come on
Reach for the Glass………..