Dirty Snow For The Broken Ground


At the party what was happening
With the colour that was dazzling
And the passport smiles making everything worthwhile
Shining offering a show

They can have their fame and holidays
I will try to think of other ways
What is bad I know and the good is hard to show
But I’m hoping for a time

We could dream about a pretty place
You could stare into a stranger’s face
All in awe of her charm, then whisper false alarm
Still they kick around the town

But if not for you
Then I mightn’t do the things I wanted to
And if not for me…
Wait and see, wait and see…

I will not be proud of jewellery
But it’s okay you can visit me
On the steps of my door, tell the truth and nothing more
Magic over broken ground

But my doorstep has seen better days
People stay away it’s out of place
‘Cos it’s all gone wrong to be truthful as a song
Footsteps dirty in the snow