Tree Lullaby


Get watered and you’ll grow
Love and you will know
All the lovely things there are to see

Drink the flavour in
Slowly to begin
Basking in the arbour with the trees

Try and fight disease
Grow as you please
Years come, years go
Don’t fall to the forest floor

When it’s too dark
Don’t lose your heart
There’s a silver moon above
Don’t give up your search for love

Spring the forest wakes
Summer blossom makes
Autumn appear threatening distant freeze

Leaves fall to the ground
Winter comes around
Temporarily barren ill at ease

If they cut you down
Steal you from the ground
Return from whence you came
Life’s a strange and fragile game

Reach up very high
Reach up to the sky
Turning in for shelter when you need

Have water and you’ll grow
Love and you will know
Of the many ways life can lead