Album: JPR CD/LP 008
Released: 26th July 1999
The Bird And The Bag
Green Is The Colour Of Evil
Come! Follow Me
Truth In Me
The Cloning Of Fudadeg Ulag
Arts And Crafts
Devil’s Feet Lullaby
Look Left
Look Right
Maybe We Will Find The Divine Cult
Do It Yourself
Waiting And Thinking
Bedtime Astronomy
Finger Exercise #1
The Cult Of Winter
I’ll Be There (When You’re Down)
Release Info

The idea of Musicality was born in November 1997 and evolved during and after the recording of Reinventing Punctuation. The majority of the album was recorded in a bedroom, but some parts were recorded on a beach, in a supermarket, in a newsagents and in a church. The seventeen songs here came from a collection of fifty-seven which were recorded over a four month period.

This is not the story of our lives so far, but then again it could be.