I Could Be Dreaming


I could be sleeping
I could be dreaming
I could have ordinary people chasing me from town to town
Mission Impossible
They’ve got a spy for every blink of your eye

I’m feeling hunted
I’m feeling haunted
They’ve got a knife for every time you take the same train into work
A family’s like a loaded gun
You point it in the wrong direction someone’s going to get killed

If you had such a dream
Would you get up and do the things you’ve been dreaming

Is he your husband?
Or just your boyfriend?
Is he the moron who’s been beating you and keeping you inside?
I’ve never done this kind of thing
But if I kill him now, who’s going to miss him?

I went up to the school
I went up Castlehill
For every step there is a local boy who wants to be a hero
Do you want to do it now?
Outside the butchers with a knife and a bike chain