The Loneliness Of A Middle Distance Runner


I’ll take a second of the day to think about the things that we have
Done this year
The dog lies down, the pouring rain
I’m underneath the smoker’s railway arch again
The future’s looking colourful
It’s the colour of blood, chaos and corruption of a happy soul
A happy soul will
Ride in the field
Till the rain dies down

The railway ticket states a destination
But it doesn’t mean that we will show
There’s a fork up on the line
We paid the guard to switch the sign, and off we go
The future’s looking wonderful
It’s the wonder of a businessman’s conspiracy to sell your wares
And no one cares
Oh you care, I know
You care, I forgot for a while

On a sulky afternoon spent in dispute
You’ll give yourself a headache, boy
So I will take revenge in stories and in dreaming of the time when
We’re on stage
“Have you seen The Loneliness Of A Middle Distance Runner?”
When he stops the race and looks around
I left the stage
“You’ve seen it now”
I walked to the station
I wish you follow me tonight