Colours Merge And Fly


down on drop off cop stop
street i break into a healthy
fiver choose the goods down by
my feet they
wriggle inside the jar alive
a shake brings up a cloud
which swirls around and settles
back to sediment at home
a kitchen knife puts a swift
end to life and on the chopping
board an L shaped leg gives out
its final kick a scene from
somewhere abroad a stomach rise
inside my throat never felt
this sick as minutes tick the
time has come put out my tongue
and lick the wet and warty skin
adrenaline the rush sets in and
off i go into the clouds
i yell aloud inside as colours
merge and fly
and faces spin the state i’m in
another lick would be the one
which rescues me
with dervish arms i catch the
jar and to the floor falls
sediment and glass and all