Story Of Bill


this is the story of a man named
bill he was an old man he lived in
a house with walls the size of a
horse he was a lonely man they said
he’d give his life for anyone when
he was young but now the mere sight
of anyone made him physically sick
or so they said he was
disillusioned by the world outside
he liked no-one so i thought i’d go
and try to be his friend be his
confident he used force to
discourage me but oh how i did
persist a shot to the leg did not
stop me just meant two weeks bed
rest *shunned from the outside
world for dressing up like a girl
meant his life would lead to
seclusion and poverty living on
vegetables and flowers that were
edible* i got through to him in the
end by bringing a present it was a
kitten oh how he cried that day the
tears rolled down his face tears of
joy but then i found that the years
of seclusion had made hm regress
he was in a child like state and
could only speak in words of one
syllable or less