The Canada Post – Re-Inventing Punctuation
01st June 1999
Record Review

On the subject of absorbing innovation, Salako brings us to the most astonishing CD of the year (if you’re into that kind of thing).  Sharing the same label as the exceptional Belle and Sebastian is this not dissimilar group of impossibly imaginative people.  Still, I can’t decide which is more brilliant: the actual songs or the production itself.  But again, like on any truly great album, the two are indistinguishable. Re-inventing Punctuation (Jeepster) absolutely oozes with melody and subversive tinkerings contained brilliantly in lyrical invention. And despite the wonderful and sinister sounds, the subtle and clever rhythms, and the flawless song forms, these are tunes that would work as well on a ukulele as they do in the studio. Mr Jeepster (is it John?), would you personally congratulate the lads for us?

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