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belle and sebastian: Is It Wicked Not To Care
salako: The Moonlight Radiates A Purple Glow In His World
parka: If You Wanna?
snow patrol: Velocity Girl
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This week marked the 21st Anniversary of the start of Jeepster Recordings! To commemorate this and as a thank you to everyone who has bought our releases over the years, we’re having a Birthday Sale! [cont…]

It’s hard to believe but today, November 18th 2016, is the 20th Anniversary of the release of Belle and Sebastian’s first Jeepster album ‘If You’re Feeling Sinister’! [cont…]

The release day of our lovely Belle and Sebastian 12” vinyl box set has finally arrived! [cont…]

Belle and Sebastian have created a Spotify playlist for The Jeepster Singles Collection. [cont…]

about jeepster

Jeepster was founded in 1995 by people looking to create an outlet for a style of music they felt was missing from the scene at the time. Our first signing, Belle & Sebastian, brought the label into the indie media and buyers’ consciousness almost immediately.
Belle & Sebastian’s initial success provided the label with the opportunity to expand its roster, firstly with Snow Patrol in 1997, Salako early the following year and then Looper and The Gentle Waves. Via its association with these bands, there developed a ‘Jeepster sound’.[cont..]

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