NME – Mondo ’77
22nd April 2000
Record Review

The first Looper recording since main man Stuart David finally cut loose the apron strings from Belle & Sebastian, ‘Mondo ‘77’ is a fine slice of garage (as in actually recorded in a garage) dance music.
A jaunty stomp of Bontempi beats, half-speed house piano and off-key ska horns, it sounds not unlike Pigbag’s classic ‘Papa’s Got A Brand New Pigbag’ might’ve done, had it been recorded by a bunch of sensitive Scots types, all blootered on Buckfast, Schweet.
If Looper’s first LP ‘Up a Tree’ sounded fatally twee, like the self-conscious disco side-project of a bunch of terminal indie kids, then ‘Mondo ‘77’ suggests that the Looper massive are finally loosening up and realising that the best dance music aims squarely for the feet. Could be a Tom Tom Club for the 21st century.

Stevie Chick