Uncut – The Geometrid
01st May 2000
Record Review

Ex-Belle & Sebastian founding bassist’s second offering of millennial magic. Now Stuart David has officially left Belle & Sebastian, he’ll be able to devote more time to what was previously a side project. Formed with his wife, Karn, Looper are one of the few truly idiosyncratic bands extant. Musically mixing everything from Sumner/Marr-y guitar riffs, Stax horns to telephone bleeps, their biggest strength lies in published novelists David’s incorporation of short story narratives into 21st century electropop.
Strange tales like ‘Bug Rain’ (about flies hitting a windshield) and ‘Tomorrow’s World’ (Y2K is not what we were told it would be) combine a fascination/fear of the future with an almost childlike imagination, not to mention the increasingly nostalgic device of fabulous tunes.

Dave Simpson