NME – Who’s Afraid Of Y2K/ Up A Tree Again
23rd October 1999
Record Review

Richard Madeley has a millennial bunker, apparently, and so does Keith Richards. Sometime Belle & Sebastian Stuart David doesn’t, and will be quite overjoyed when the whole of civilisation fizzes to a half on New Year’s morn, because it means we can build a bright shiny new one from the spares. ‘Let it burn’ is the general gist of Looper’s ‘Who’s Afraid….’ A burbling singsong on the grave of the world’s mainframes that makes up for in spirit what it lacks in subtlety.
As a rule, anti-millennium songs are only fractionally more palatable than anything released expressly because of the ticking over of a clock from 99 to 00. But you have to admire such a tender call total anarchy. Plus, there’s an intriguing Pulp remix of ‘Up A Tree Again’ to use as a future ploughshare on here too.

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