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Evensong (French Version)

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He don’t love you but it’s alright He don’t love you but it’s alright Sisterwoman, you’re all I’ve got When he’s got nothing to do He’ll wanna spend some time with you It’s true that no one is to blame … [cont…]

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Let The Good Times Begin

Oh, loneliness Lonely times we’re spending Life made in dreams Lost in sleep descending If all we see is all to believe Then let the music play Let’s not think of tomorrow Friends that I know Knew that I was … [cont…]

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Partner In Crime

It happened in the summer, not so very long ago. It was so warm and humid Elsie would go down to the old wood and pray for the wind to come. She had a friend who swore you could evoke … [cont…]

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Loretta Young

Loretta you’re young Loretta you’ll learn When someone takes you and loves you And loves you For I was young too With trouble like you It hurts when you throw love away Leave history for widows Wipe his story from … [cont…]

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Solace for Pain

Help me when I’m sad and lonely I would never do you harm But this life is unfamiliar I don’t mean to cause alarm If I were to put the big light out Surely there would be an end? If … [cont…]

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Rain is falling from the sky It touches everything Brings new life… He came in April The month of rain Sweeter than anything It changed my life To know what love is Love in the water Our hearts were happy … [cont…]

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Pretty Things

Do you like pretty things? Would you caress broken wings? To truly smile, to face the day Do you like pretty things? And in time did you know Pretty things always go? A smile can never go away It ought … [cont…]

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There Is No Greater Gold

Love used to be a stranger to me Love was so disappointing I was waiting for a sign I was looking for some company So I took a walk outside What a lucky day I saw the devil waiting for … [cont…]

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There Was Magic, Then

When I was a girl, I dreamt of dancing I dreamt of many things the heart could hold I’d nurse my doll, would love and care for him Would breathe life into him For I believed The world was grand … [cont…]

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