Gair Rhydd, Cardiff Uni – One Night is not Enough
05th March 2001
Record Review
Gair Rhydd (cardiff uni) - One Night is not Enough

Okay, I admit it. Girls are nasty. They break your heart. It’s all true. That is if you believe those disillusioned boys from Snow Patrol. This single is a reminder of all the times when you know that trying to resist naughtiness will only prove futile. The unique vocal talent of Gary Lightbody is perfect in conveying unrequited love, desire and regret all at once as he positively aches ‘This is the last place I should be / But I’m dying to see you’. Fantastically original, this track is so sublime it’s unnerving. Celine Dion and Westlife can sod off because ‘One Night Is Not Enough’ is a real love song.

Gemma Curtis

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