The Word – Little Hide
01st February 1998
Record Review

The latest offering from the Jeepster Recordings label, home to the mighty Belle & Sebastian. But whereas B&S’s take on the lo-fi thing means Simon and Garfunkel acoustic numbers, Snow Patrol go for a more American angle. The guitars on the title track come in a warm rush, sorta like early Sonic Youth or Dinosaur Jr., but slower and sadder. Jj, apart from having the oddest title ever, sounds like Smog at their finest: melancholy but understated, fragile and winsome. So it’s strange that ever since a friend compared Sticky Teenage Twin to Ash, I just can’t get that idea out of my head…These are quiet, fierce, beautiful songs; songs to play on cold, bright mornings. Songs to cherish. Come and play in the Snow.

Gabriel Coxhead

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