Melody Maker – Mr Agreeable
09th August 1997

Belle and Sebastian are one of the newer names in the frame. Hailing from “Bonnie Scotland”, they are the most reticent of potential superstars, stating that they dislike appearing in their photos.
Well, that’s something we have in f***ing common! Because I most definately dislike you appearing in you f***ing photos! I put that f***ing page in last week’s Maker in the bottom of my budgie’s cage and now it’s so f***ing traumatised, its feathers have fallen out and it keeps hopping from perch to perch squawking “F***ing hell! F***ing hell!” in a markedly stressful manner! You’re as ugly as both ends of a two-arsed sausage dog! Belle & Sebastian? Bull & Shit, more like!
Mr Agreeable

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