The Sunday Telegraph – Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant
04th June 2000
Record Review

Can anyone really tell the difference between one Belle & Sebastian album and another? Personally, I find it about as hard as sexing chickens; but if I had to venture an opinion here, which I suppose I do being a critic, I think I’d tentatively suggest that this might just be their finest record yet. Though it contains all the ingredients we’ve come to expect from these cultish Glaswegian troubadours – insistent, shuffling rhythms; lilting folky guitars; dreamily melancholic melodies; wry lyrics; a general air of arch understatedness – it’s just that little bit more upfront then their previous efforts. The orchestrations are more ambitious; Stuart Murdoch’s vocals a touch more intelligible and the tunes a bit more obvious, which means you can actually enjoy it on first listen rather than having to play it a dozen times before you get the point. So if you haven’t discovered how wonderful Belle & Sebastian are yet you should buy this one first and then work your way backwards.

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